Las Vegas

I was never the biggest fan of cities like Las Vegas – too many people and just too much of everything – besides, I am a beach person! In April Mark and I went there the first time and it was quite overwhelming – we had a really good week! Most of the time we spend … More Las Vegas

Our RAM story!

  I was driving around for some grocery shopping and suddenly a service light turned on. I wasn’t sure if it was something serious. So I waited until Mark came home to tell him about the issue. Unfortunately it was the check engine light! Right away Marks happy smiley face turned into a “Oh-please-not-this-shit-again”-expression. We just sold … More Our RAM story!

What is legal?

Are you kidding me? You can buy a gun in a grocery store but drinking alcohol in public isn’t allowed? Welcome to the US! 😉 There are a lot more legal differences – it’s so funny and crazy how different two countries can be: 1. In the US it’s legal to buy a gun with the … More What is legal?